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End-to-end solutions | From concept to delivery to the assembly line

The activities of ECUtronic focus on the area of system development, especially according to the development standard ISO 26262:2018, which is essential for the development of electrical systems and control units for road vehicles.

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Software development  | According to ISO 26262

In addition to requirements for the hardware, ISO 26262:2018 also places far-reaching requirements on the software on the controllers involved. ECUtronic develops ISO 26262-compliant software, software modules and test modules for our customers. This happens particularly efficiently on the control unit platforms of our strategic partners, to whose process and tool chains we are attuned.

The activities are divided into:

  • Specification of software-requirements

  • Creation of software-architecture

  • Specification and implementation of software-units

  • Test and verification of the software

Safety Management ECUtronic

Safety Management  | According to ISO 26262

For product development in accordance with ISO 26262:2018, extensive processes and intermediate development steps are prescribed in order to identify safety risks at an early stage during development, to classify them and to functionally safeguard them according to their criticality during development. 

So that activities can be carried out in conformity with the standard, safety management procedures by appropriately qualified employees is demanded. Here, the development activities are planned, managed, followed up and the individual work products organised for our customers in accordance with ISO 26262. 

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Concept phase  | According to ISO 26262

According to ISO 26262:2018, in order to develop new electronical systems for vehicles, certain conceptual work must be carried out, which is bundled in the normative section of the concept phase. We create the following normatively required work products for our customers upon request:

  • "Item Definition" - Full system/component description

  • "HARA–Hazard analysis and Risk Assessment" – Risk analysis and risk assessment

  • "Functional Safety Concept" – Concept of how the risks should be dealt with functionally

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System development  | According to ISO 26262

Based on the results of the concept phase, the next process step is to design technical solutions that implement the functional safety concept using concrete components such as sensors, actuators and controllers. By means of inductive and/or deductive analysis methods, weak points in the system design are identified and safety mechanisms are defined.
The challenge here for our customers is that the system components must provide specific evidence of their suitability for the intended use case. This often cannot be done by component manufacturers from the commercial vehicle sector. Thus, a system development is necessary that compensates for the deficiencies of the system components. ECUtronic can draw on extensive experience to solve these challenges for our customers.

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